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Although Simon Chong has been concentrating on his design works and keeping a very low profile, the talented designer cannot hide his fame. In past few years, he was interviewed by various local magazines, including Ming Pao Weekly, Perspective, Home Journal and etc. With the gaining publicity in China, Simon was interviewed by Home Decoration which is an interior magazine in China, as one of the Designers of the Front Page 2009.

He began his aesthetic quest since his early days in the family owned antique furniture shop. His school days in Britain provided opportunities for him to travel in Europe. These trips broadened his vision and helped to develop his strong affection for classicism. After graduation, he entered into banking business for more than 10 years, but his passion in design drove him to make the leap from the world of Wall Street into the world of design.

Readers not only can have a glimpse of his road to become an interior designer, but also see his human quality and cultural connotation through the coverage on some of his significant projects.