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With the rapid development of cities in China, Simon Chong was invited by various land developers to participate in designing showrooms, clubhouses and private houses in recent years. Simon shared his view on real estate development in China, “more and more land developers in HK moved their focus of business from HK to China. Thus the gap between HK and China was disappeared eventually. For example most of the land developers in China do not provide in-room provisioning and furniture in the past. But now they tried to enhance the practical function with tasteful form by providing expensive imported in-room provisioning, including kitchen system and bathroom fixtures.

Apart from the design and materials, land developers in China also pay more attention on marketing and promotion. Take the case of Shanghai as an example. The available land in Shanghai for development has been decreased dramatically because of the rapid development of city area. New suburbs, including Kun Shan, Su Zhou, Wu Jiang and etc, burgeoned all around the city. To make up for the inconvenience of transport, land developers intended to put the focus on stylish decoration, stunning view, luxury clubhouse and comprehensive support facilities. Simon agreed that luxury development in China has become popular for over five years and he believed that it would go on for a while.

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